As a fine art photographer, photo historian and collaborator in an interdisciplinary, researched-based artist duo, I am most concerned with the notion of the absurdity of the human condition. Like Camus contemplating the happiness of Sisyphus, I turn my eye to the world around me to find and create gestures of hope, humor and sincerity in the face of monotony and apathy.

My photographs have a relationship to the sculptural, often focusing on a singular object or structure. Through accumulation, the objects depicted become signifiers of my criticism and celebration of our culture. I am invested in a photographic language deeply rooted in photo history and I bring a dry sense of humor and a longing for nuance to moments of daily life that culminates in images and edits that bring vitality to the potentially overlooked.

My recent project and book, Era of Hopeful Monsters, traced the impacts of human actions on our environment and documented our failures to erase nature from our built world. Like the New Topographic photographers who turned a critical eye to the American West, I acknowledge that we have made unalterable changes to our landscape, but this planet also pushes back. No matter where I look, I see the breadcrumbs and fingerprints of our restless and egotistical species, yet I am also reminded of the bittersweet beauty we are capable of.  

Through my work in photography I investigate and interrogate objects and ephemera that signify the farcical, the ironic and the inexplicably sublime remnants of human existence. It is through the creation, collection and curation of images that I express my anxiety about the world I inhabit. A world that I am perpetually falling in and out of love with, never sure if I am happy or sad when my stone rolls back down to the bottom of the mountain.


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