We're Moving to Graceland- Memphis, Tennessee

Join us Won't You?

Photo and Sculpture Sale!


We are offering a limited edition of 11x14in photo prints and an edition of small sculptures to help us get there! 

(Sale Ends August 1st)


August 1st we will be packing our bags and heading to Memphis, Tennessee where Raina will be starting a new position as an Assistant Professor of Fine Art at Rhodes College. We are excited to start this new chapter and to establish our studios in Memphis.

6 diptychs to choose from. Click here to see options!


About the Photos ($100 diptychs- two prints at 10x14in each): 

Caleb is currently working on a body of work and book entitled "Be True" in collaboration with award-winning author, Eric Bennett and contributing writer, Raina. The work pairs black and white images of the Babson Boulders of Dogtown, MA (a personal Public Works project of the Depression that set the puritanical values of an eccentric millionaire in stone.) with corresponding color images. The project uses the myth of Sisyphus as a guide for both images and words to critic societal expectations and the absurdity of daily life. The prints offered in our moving sale are the first Artists Proofs for this yet unreleased series and book.

In addition to these prints, please enjoy coupon code MEMPHIS for 30% off any prints on Caleb's website!

Freedom Dogs. Get yours here!


About the Sculptures ($50 each - 6x4x2in):

Raina is producing a limited edition of unique, handmade, hotdog sculptures each inscribed in fake mustard with the word "Freedom". These life-size objects are reflections of American outdoor culture and use humor to emphasize the folly of our enchantment with summer and wilderness. Each hotdog is made of paper mache, polymer clay, acrylic paint and puff paint and is signed by Raina.

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